Jan 16 2013: Livestream: League of legends tournament

Originally published on El Estoque.


Starting on Jan. 14, Leadership began hosting the League of Legends Tournament, a competition in which teams of students compete online in a multiplayer, battle-arena style game. Each team has one captain and four players, with a varying number of substitutes if main players are unavailable. According to organizer Clark Lin, individual teams are responsible for coordinating practicing sessions.

Competitors for the week of Jan. 14:
Monday: “Homieknights” vs. “Blind Pick Lee Sin” WINNER: Homieknights 2-0
Tuesday: “5ever Heroes” vs. “Florist Dummies” WINNER: 5ever Heroes 2-0
Wednesday: “Team Asians In Paris” vs. “5-0InRanked” DISQUALIFICATION to both teams due to cheating
Saturday: “SuperTurboDragons” vs. “The General and Noobs”

El Estoque will be embedding a livestream for each contest every day until the finals, which will take place in March. Check back later for a profile of each of the winning teams later this week.


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