May 11 2012: VIDEO: Counterculture Day held on May 10

Video by me, Margaret Lin, and Alex Poh. Originally published

On Thursday May 10, History Teacher Bonnie Belshe held her 7th annual Counterculture Free Frame of Reference Day. The event was held in her classroom, C103 and was designed to give her U.S. History students a break and a glimpse into the sixties’ counterculture and hippie lifestyle. Belshe prepared face paint, bubbles and flowers for students’ enjoyment. Students were also encouraged to decorate and pass out Free Frame of Reference necklaces. The necklaces were small squares made of popsicle sticks hung on colorful lanyard strings. Their purpose was to give the wearer a new perspective — upon looking through and directing it at an object, they would ask themselves “What if it were free?” Although the question was theoretical, the experience Belshe imparted upon them was as free as anything could be.

{cc-by-nc-sa} Yimeng Han

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