April 8 2012: Diversity Day held on April 6

Video by me, Margaret Lin, and Amelia Yang. Originally published http://elestoque.org/2012/04/08/entertainment/video-diversity-day-held-april-6/

This year, the theme of diversity was expanded to include other aspects of the MVHS culture in addition to ethnic diversity. Similar to previous years, performances included Color Guard’s Bollywood-themed routine to the Indian pop song “Maahi Ve,” the Han Kook club’s performance with traditional Korean drums, MV Raas with their modern twist on a traditional Indian dance and MV Bhangra’s upbeat hip-hop routine. New performances included senior Sammi Howard performing a hula dance, junior Maggie Maser singing “Lonely” by 2ne1 with Japanese lyrics, junior Jennifer Liu playing on a traditional Chinese string instrument called the zither and sophomore William Tan performing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”

This year’s assembly also included social diversity with a short audio slideshow by the GSA discussing various celebrities in the LGBT community and a skit by Christian Roots club about a girl’s struggle through life to maintain her faith.

“[Diversity Day is] a chance to show not just different cultures, but different belief systems,” senior Steven Chung of the Christian Roots club said. “We were able to communicate a different perspective.”

{cc-by-nc-sa} Yimeng Han


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